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The Cycle

No doubt the first step in love is being inlove.

You gotta dig it, feel it, be it. You’ll be that girl in the cheesy tv show you hate and love to watch to kill time, or that boy you love but is to mushy and perfect to exist in real life. Admit it if not all (yet), but most of us got and is currently struck by the naughty cupid’s arrow.

The feeling of being in love is undeniable happiness.

When you finally have that someone who’ll grow old with you, it always feels like everything’s pink and love love love. Giddiness is your constant mood.

But then you said the magic words, and everything will fell apart.

"My life is perfect." As we all know it, life’s a bitch.

After the rain comes the rainbow, you gotta do again.

Just because you got your heart broken you’ll stop trying, life doesn’t work that way. If you fail the first time there’s always the next. Sabi nga nila, try and try until you die.

If you’re ready it’s time to try again.

Love and be loved back, what’s better feeling than that right?

They said if it’s perfect it’s the end.

So don’t settle for that. Always be the better, greater than good but not yet the best. For we all have to be better than ourselves not others, thou shall not be envious to have that better life with our better half.

"Mam, si Julie po ba eh namatay?" I anticipated that question. Sa tuwing kinukwento ko kasi to parating yan ang unang tanong saakin. And like always, I replied

"No one knows."

The room was suddenly full of “nye” “bayun cliffhanger!” “Sayang naman mam!” “Hindi happy ending?” Everyone was asking me questions.

"Paano na si Elmo, Mam?" Someone asked me and I smiled when I heard someone answer.

"Akin na lang siya!"


And the room was filled with different kinds of laugh, from people who now know about them and got curious and some who just listened because they have no choice, to those who don’t care at all.

"Who are we to tell kung ang isang tao ay naging masaya o hindi masaya at all? Nasa atin na lang naman eh, kung paano natin gustong matapos ang isang kwento. We should make our happy ending. Katulad ni Julie and Elmo, we don’t know what happened after but definitely they will be happy."

Everyone’s just looking at me, listening.

"Class dismissed, don’t forget to make a reaction paper…"

I said my usual parting spiel, another day had passed and the memories of the past is still with me like it all happened yesterday.

The story of the person I truly loved and the person I learned to love.


I saw him, smiling and he kissed me on the cheek. I handed him the books I was hugging.

"So how’s the class Ma?"

"Still the same, asan si Una?"

"She’s already at home making delicious dinner that’s why I picked you up, alam ko namang favorite mo ang luto nun eh. Swerte ko talaga sa kanya Ma."

"Syempre naman anak, and you’re not so bad yourself naman."

"Gwapo eh."

He looked and was

"Ang daddy mo?"

I asked when we were inside his car.

"Well syempre naglalaro ng chess with Dada."

He smirked. Kamukhang kamukha niya ang Daddy niya kapag ngumingiti siya ng ganyan.

"When is Una due nga?" My son gave me a ecstatic look before answering.

"Next month Ma, sobrang excited na kong makita ang baby namin Ma!"

My thoughts:

This should be the “period” of this nonsense. Suddenly I felt so subtle. I don’t know if you can actually understand what’s running in my mind when I wrote this random story but nevertheless you read it, I hope. All these are just vague scenarios inside my mind.

My views about love, life and all those bitchesness.

'Til the next randomness,



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Their ending

My whole world in my arms. Can I be happier than this? Married to the love of my life and finally forming our own family.

I kissed her forehead. She’s sleeping like an angel. When I kissed her she moved closer to me, “Pagod ang baby..”

I can’t help but smile at the thought that we spent the whole night making love and dancing to the rhythm only us can hear.

"I love you baby."

I caressed her hair and carefully kissed her on the lips. It was supposed to be a quick kiss but it deepens when I felt her kissing me back.

“Ang agang pangmomolestya naman niyan my loving husband.” She said not leaving my lips.

"Baby, I’ll never get tired of wanting you."


"Dada!" Una was running around our garden trying to catch a butterfly.

"Baba, please be careful Mama will kill me if you get a scratch."


"Just like you, very stubborn." I smiled at Jell who’s sitting infront of me.

"Kaya nga eh. Yun nga lang nakuha sakin. Tignan mo she’s like a replica of her mother."

"Buti nga yun eh. Tignan mo she’s so pretty." We both looked at Una who’s so busy running around.

"Kahit parang sinabi mong ang pangit ko hindi ako tututol. I’m very much aware I married a goddess." I said still looking at Una. Then I felt Jell stared at me, I looked at her direction, she smiled then lower her gaze to sip from her coffee.

"Still the love sick muppet."

"Nothing has changed and I’m pretty much fine with that." We remained quiet for a minute until she decided to break the ice.

"So kamusta kayong mag-ama?"

"Eto malungkot. The house feels empty without her." Suddenly a cold wind blew.

"Kung iisipin mo both of you actually wasted so many damn years!" And I can’t help but nod and trip down memory lane.

My thoughts:

Not everything in this world can be and has to be told, sometimes you have to do the math.

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Try again

Hindi ko na ulit siya nakita after that moment at the park. Aaminin ko when I saw him sobrang namiss ko siya to the point na nakalimutan ko lahat ng nangyari and gave him a smile.



"Aww!" Napahawak ako sa braso kon namumula dahil sa lakas ng paghampas ni Cheka sa akin.

"I’ve been talking here for quite some time tapos di ka pala nakikinig. Nakakainis ah!" She rolled her eyes on me.

"Sorry mejo nagzone out lang."

"Si Elmo ba yan? Parang yang patubong pimple sa noo mo no? Sabi ko kasi sayo dapat nung umalis yung tao hinabol mo! Ngayon nganga ka!"

"Chek it’s not that easy may girlfriend yung tao. And I think they’re going steady." I felt a sudden pang inside my heart when I realized it can be the end of us, kahit alam kong dalawang taon ng tapos ang kahit ano mang meron kami. It’s just so hard kasi sa lahat siya ang pinakaminahal ko.

"Sos. Kung si Nicole nga nagawang ahasin si Adrian kay Monica? Si Elmo pa kaya kay Jell?" Hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o iinis kay Cheka we were serious here.

"Kung anu-anong pinapanood mo yan tuloy, Jell is a nice woman. Bagay sila."

"Pero mahal mo si Moe, at alam kong iniisip mong mas bagay kayo wag kang impokrita Julie Anne!"

Well I cannot detest to that. Hanggang ngayon hinihiling ko na sana

"ako na lang, ako na lang ulit."

I laughed out loud when Cheka imitated the famous scene of our favorite movie One More Chance.


"Pero kidding aside, feeling ko naman mahal ka pa ni Moe." She said then sipped from her green tea frappe.

"How’d you know? May communication ba kayo?"

"Okay fine. I’ll tell you this hindi dahil bestfriend kita. I don’t like to give you false hopes ah pero a year ago me and Elmo.."

"Ano don’t tell me he flirted with you?" Biro ko.

"Actually oo." Putcha! Tatayo na sana ako para magwalk-out ng bigla siyang tumawa ng malakas at hinawakan ang kamay ko.

"Gaga ka! Syempre that’s not it no! I was telling you na a year ago Elmo kept on bugging me about your whereabouts hanggang nung nagbreak nga kayo ni Henry."

I don’t know how and what to react, kinilig ako that somehow pala he still thought about me kahit 1year na kaming break noon pero part of me is sad dahil alam na din pala niyang wala na kami ni Henry pero wala siyang ginawa.

"Don’t tell me disappointed ka kasi di siya bumalik for you after hearing about your break up with Henry?"


"I told you him and Jell is going steady. Kasi hindi niya maiwan si Jell, tignan mo nga last week when I saw him sa park I even smiled at him pero after he smiled back he left na. Loyal siya kay Jell." And it pains me. Breaks me so hard.

"Bruha di pa ko tapos!"

"Eh ano pa?"

My thoughts:

Something as beautiful as the sea should not be limited. Just like how a person should love, it has to be endless, it ought to be undying.

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